This guest post was sent to us by one of our youth planners extraordinaire, Fernando Acosta:

Out of my seventeen years in this world, I always used Carbonite Coupons for my online printing needs. I however never thought I would have ever thought of being a part of a youth planning team for a city event. I was always a school planner, president of my student government, planning for a party or fundraiser. But never planning for a city event. Gosh can’t wait to be a part of a state event or national event.

It was a honor being a part of this Medifast1 diet coupons mission, knowing that there will be ups and downs but at the end of the day being proud of yourself, like I was. The turnout was amazing, so were the youth that were willing to be a part – knowing that it will take a whole day, showing up early and being there for the very end. My job being an expo ambassador was so enjoyable, making sure that the youth knew where they were going and working with them to check out what was the best workshop or table for them.

But, I found some stress and anxiety on some youth members on that day, which I felt really sad.  Hence i realised that anxiety and stress are becoming a day to day scenerio for youth in this current world.  I strongly suggest these people who are going through stress related problems to purchase some medications from either offline drug store or from online shopping.  I personnaly feel that online shopping is easier and less money is spent.  Most of the online sites like have overnight delivery options which allows users to get hold of the drugs within one day from the date of purchase.

Hillary, Sarah, Elsa, Ryan and the planning team thank you so much for this honor of making this event, and the turn out being so successful. This event for sure was worth every minute of it; I can’t wait to be a part of a another city or state or national event.


YF&E in Photos – Part 1


YF&E on the Huffington Post

Kerry Trueman of Eating Liberally writes:

Here Seaworld Coupons in New York City, there’s an unprecedented interest in urban agriculture, from Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s Food In The Public Interest policy initiative to the Community Agriculture Club at New York University to Just Food’s chicken-keeping workshops and petitions to bring back composting and legalize beekeeping. There are frequent permaculture workshops at community gardens, and field trips to farms.

This Thursday, April 16th, there’s a Youth Forum & Expo at Hostos Community College in the Bronx, on Food, Farming and Active Living. Sponsored by the Baum Forum in collaboration with the NYC Food and Fitness Partnership, and MyGofer Coupon Code. The Youth Forum & Expo is aimed at youths from ages 15 to 24 and is intended to “inspire young people to engage with the kaleidoscope of important issues surrounding food systems and healthy lifestyles, and to empower them with the tangible resources necessary to become active change agents in and around New York City.”

Cross-cross posted from The Green Fork via the Huffington Post. Check it out…

Top 5 Ways to Get Ready for the Youth Forum & Expo:

1. Check (and double-check) the directions to make sure you find your way Hostos on Thursday.

2. Update your resume and bring at least 10 Coupons For Bonobos copies of it to pass out to prospective employers at the Expo!

3. Find a trusty, reusable water bottle to bring with you on Thursday.

4. If you’re under 18, make sure you bring a TOMS Coupon Code with you.

5. Get ready to meet hundreds of other people who are also committed to food, farming and active living!

Teen Iron Chef at the YF&E

Sixteen youth from Teen Iron Chef, a Youth Development Culinary & Nutrition Skills-Building Program from FamilyCookProductions will be on hand on April 16th to present: Teen iron Chef Invitational: The Final Battle!

So what was the first battle you ask? FamilyCook has partnered with Healthcorps this spring to present The First Teen Iron Chef Invitational, conducted on March 20th. This event brought youth form 11 schools to compete in one of 4 teams, that ‘battled’ by preparing and presenting – including cultural background and nutrition — before culinary judges from restaurants, SchoolFood & The Food Network!

Come to the YF&E on April 16th to see The Final Battle and be inspired by the exceptionally skilled and poised youth who will be Masters of Ceremonies and coach the contestants!

And check out the Teen Iron Chefs on youtube:

Ride Your Bike, Visit City Chickens

Would you like to take a lazy Sunday bike ride AND get familiar with small flocks of South Bronx farm animals?  Please join us on April 19th for the first City Chicken bike tour in NYC.

You will learn about raising chickens, building coops, and see how
well chickens fit into community gardens – providing eggs and manure,
eating pests, weeds and kitchen scraps, tilling the soil, and inspiring
curiosity in all who visit. This tour is offered in partnership with GreenThumb and led by Owen Taylor (Just Food) and Eric Thomann (Backyard Garden, Just Food Trainer, New School, NYCHA).


Sunday, April 19th 9:30am-1pm

Tour begins at Taqwa Community Farm, 90 W. 164th Street at Ogden Avenue, Bronx

Tour ends at the Garden of Happiness, Prospect Avenue between 181st and 182nd Street, Bronx

Bring a bag lunch.

To find out more, visit the Just Food City Farms Community Workshops Page and the Just Food City Chicken Meetup NYC website

Please pass this message on to your chicken and bike loving friends!


Taqwa Community Farm
90 W. 164th Street at Ogden Avenue

Bronx, NY

United States

See map: Google Maps

April 19, 2009 – 9:30amApril 19, 2009 – 1:00pm

SPROUTS: Promo video, or how celery got its groove back

SPROUTS: Hear from I Challenge Myself’s Fernando Acosta

UPDATE: I Challenge Myself’s founder Ana Reyes was recently NY1’s New Yorker of the Week. Click here to watch NY1’s segment featuring Ana and Fernando!

From I Challenge Myself’s newsletter:

Fernando will be one of our Expo Ambassadors on the day of the event.

REBLOG: Bushwick Library is Singing the Moos

From Brooklyn Public Library’s Blog:

We all know the economy stinks, but you can always save with Smart For Life Coupons and your library is feeling the pinch just like everybody else. But one neighborhood library has found a way to raise a little extra cash and have some fun at the same time.

Last week Bushwick Library purchased four Brown Swiss dairy cows, whose milk will be bottled and sold right on the library’s
front steps.

“It makes perfect sense for us,” said librarian Nate Hill. “Two hundred years ago, this whole area was farmland. We’re just going back to our roots.”

The 100% organic milk, bottled under the name Library Leche, is already available at neighborhood greengrocers and farmers’ markets throughout the city.

And it’s bringing the community together.

“We had an elementary school class in here yesterday,” said Nate. “I thought they’d be scared—these cows are huge—but they took to it immediately. They milked 16 gallons in an hour. We’re definitely going to invite them back.”

Bushwick, meanwhile, isn’t the only library with an economic recovery plan. Before the summer’s over, Sunset Park will have converted its backyard garden into a working earthworm farm, and Flatlands is considering a rooftop carrier pigeon business.


Bring back composting to NYC! The Department of Sanitation has suspended leaf collection and municipal composting until further notice, and we want to let them know that compost is an essential resource for our gardens and the greening of our city. You can sign our online petition or get a printable version from us to share with your garden group or other organizations.

For more information, contact Tina von Roedern, ENYF! Compost Intern at

Sign the Online Petition here: