How erectile dysfunction issues in young men have been resolved with Viagra and Cialis treatment?

Cialis TreatmentErectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man has trouble maintaining or getting an erection to perform any sexual activity and intercourse. An erection happens because of blood flows into the penis which involves the activity of nerves, hormones, muscles, brain and the circulatory system. And this dysfunction is caused by many factors which affect a person. They may be the physical cause of erectile dysfunction which may either be diabetes or cardiovascular disease and the psychological cause may be either stress or depression. Low levels of testosterone or increased production of prolactin may also result in erectile dysfunction and these are categorized under hormonal changes. Usually older men will be the victim of the situation but unfortunately, ED in young men share an equal space in being affected by ED in today because of the various changes in our lifestyle. The younger categories are affected because of various factors like smoking, consuming alcohol, using steroids to build muscles and because of drug abuse too. Hence this problem needs to be solved with the help of drugs.  The best way to obtain these drugs is through online pharmacy which sell medications for treating men’s ED problem.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get hold of these drugs from sitting at your home.

Drugs to treat ED in young men and how it works

PDE – 5 inhibitors are recommended to treat ED in young men and the most effective among them are Viagra and Cialis. They will enhance erectile response once sexually stimulated. Both the drugs will work only if a man gets sexually aroused mentally. This can be best illustrated by first understanding how an erection takes place and then why no sexual arousal will help to bring any effect of the drug will be clearly revealed. Usually, the erectile tissue of the penis will release nitric oxide that will stimulate the production of cyclic Guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) an enzyme and as a result of this the arteries in the penis will get dilated and the blood will flow into it very easily. Viagra and Cialis, when consumed, will start to work for a short duration and it will maintain the cGMP levels. Therefore if a man does not become sexually aroused mentally, then there will be no release of nitric oxide and no production of cGMP. This implies that a man should be sexually aroused to get an erection using viagra or Cialis.

Efficiency of Viagra and Cialis in young men

Clinical studies state that Cialis and Viagra have far better efficiency and results when compared to placebo. Even though Viagra and Cialis will not be able to break the psychological causes like anxiety or stress and will fail in achieving a satisfactory erection, the efficiency parameters are several which make it a promising drug for young men. They are:

  • Viagra is less effective if a high fat meal is taken and Cialis does not have any effect with regards to whatever food is consumed.
  • Viagra will have duration of action from 4-5 hours and Cialis will stay until 36 hours.
  • The onset action time in Viagra is 30 minutes and the onset action time in Cialis is 15-45 minutes.
  • Viagra efficacy is studied to be 82-84% whereas Cialis efficacy is studied to be approximately 81%